Damian Green had said that banning the burqa would be ''rather un-British'' and would run contrary to conventions of a ''tolerant and mutually respectful society.''

He had ignorantly pontificated that it would be ''undesirable'' for Parliament to vote on a burqa ban and that there was no prospect of the Coalition government proposing it.


"What the hell do you mean 'I hope you like sand?'" asked disgraced former Minister Damien Green (PUI)



The Home Office, citing common sense along with a new poll showing that 70% of the British population strongly support a burqa ban, said "Minister Green, now former Minister Green, took the wrong occassion and spoke out of turn. In fact, he spoke stupidly, and has proven himself to be rather un-British. We are ordering him banned from Whitehall and he is to be deported to the Shari'ah-compliant country of his choosing. Either Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia, or Saudi Arabia."


Saudi Arabia: Former Minister Green's new street view (photo courtesy Miguel Cruz)


Mrs. Green was not permitted by her husband to comment (photo courtesy A.Choudary Promotions)


MP Lord Ahmed, when asked about this very unusual reaction, said "I called the Queen about this and she told me to fuck off and die. Just like that she said 'fuck off and die'...I couldn't believe it!  I told her I would mobilise 10,000 angry Muslims to attack Buckingham Palace, and she said if I did she'd have my head and then she'd order Prince Philip to piss down my severed neck. What has happended to dhimmi Britain, I ask you?"


"Fuck off and die!" said the Queen to MP Lord Ahmed (photo courtesy of A. Choudary Promotions)


Prince Philip, ready to piss down MP Lord Ahmed's severed neck if ordered to by the Queen. "I'll happily hose down the wretched little brown-skinned Muzzie" said the Prince, mincing no words as usual (courtesy R2 Communucations Ltd, UK)